School Days

As his father told him,
That these were the best days,
He tried to smile.
He tried to hide the fear,
And sadness.
To resist the urge to cry.
If these were the best days,
He thought,
Then what was the point?
Why go on?
Can you go downhill
When you’re already
In a valley of despair?
As he was punched
And spat at,
Laughed at
And ridiculed,
His father’s words echoed
In his mind.
The best days?
The worst was yet to come.


Based on the prompt write a poem which explores the adage that your school days are the best days of your life.

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10 Responses to School Days

  1. This subject is hard for me.


  2. CC Champagne says:

    Out of all of nature’s cruel creatures there is hardly any as cruel as one young child to another… This grabbed me by the heartstrings and pulled hard… Amazing write, Pooky!


  3. Garry Fowler says:

    Moving and thought provoking as usual Pooky.
    If I’d have thought that my school days the best days of my life, I’d have more earnestly considered suicide. My school days made me what I am today…..


  4. Very moving Pooky I have taught troubled children in the past and they were very sad and complex people. Often their issues were way beyond any help I could offer them.


  5. wbdeejay says:

    So well put, this is another great poem from you Pooks.
    One prompt/topic that I don’t want to go near at the moment.


  6. Wonderful. And heartbreaking.


  7. topazo says:

    why do we always choose to suffer in silence…asking for help is never a sign of weakness….


  8. A painful prompt and a powerful poem, Pooky. Like Peter, I’ll not go there today. Instead I’ll cheat and post a link to one I wrote back in 2011 when I was lobbying for a Royal Commission into Child Abuse in Australia.
    Hope the link works, if it doesn’t well that’ll just ‘learn me’ for cheating.


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