Like Father Like Son

Why did you do it?
Said mother to son
She waved her fist angrily,
Palming the gun.
I don’t know.
He told her,
Ashamed of the way
That things had conspired
Against him that day.
This wasn’t the way
It was supposed to be
Uttered the mother,
Can you not see,
That if you’d just waited
A little more time,
Away we’d have run
And now things would be fine.
The car, it was coming,
Help was on its way
But look at this mess
Now there’s really no way.
Let’s dispose of the body!
Said the boy filled with hope
I don’t think, said his mother,
That my nerves could cope
With the shifting of bodies
And the feeling of sin.
There’s nothing left for it
We’ll turn ourselves in.
You shouldn’t have shot him
But now that it’s done
We’ll just have to live
With the fact that we’re scum.
She broke down in tears,
She was sad as could be,
Small crime was one thing
But now she could see
That her son wasn’t like her,
He did not draw the line,
At jewels and money
And things posh and fine.
He took things much further,
That much she now knew,
And she knew in her heart of hearts
What she should do.
She picked up the gun
And she loaded it twice
And shot once in the air
(The thrill was quite nice)
The sound shocked her son
And he turned round to see
She had the gun pointed
Directly at he.
She shot it and wept
At the fear in his eyes,
But she knew that the world
Would prefer that he die.
She was certain that now he had
Tasted first blood,
That no one was safe,
That his small mind would flood
With desire and hatred,
Of his fellow man,
And he’d kill and he’d kill
And it would be worse than
This one single shot,
Which she put through his head.
She knew in her heart
He was better off dead.

Like Father Like Son - a poem by Pooky

Inspired by the prompt: write a poem that opens with a question

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14 Responses to Like Father Like Son

  1. CC Champagne says:

    This is amazing and so very different from most of what I’ve read of yours… It draws the reader in and keeps him/her hooked until the last word. I wonder if the mother wouldn’t have finished herself off as well in the end, considering she couldn’t live with the sin of her son killing the father, how would she be able to live with having killed him? Even though he was a monster… Hmmm… Needs some thought and is great inspiration for the future.


    • PookyH says:

      I was worried that the story here wasn’t clear enough but obviously I was wrong!

      In the telling in my head, she went on to kill herself but i deleted the final lines because I felt it worked better ending as it did and leaving the question. At one point I considered that she would take only her own life so she didn’t have to live with what son had done and would go on to do, but that didn’t sit so well…


      • CC Champagne says:

        No, I think you went the right way here, portraying her as a strong woman who was also weak perhaps. What she does at the end is probably best left unsaid as it will inspire (as it did me, though I haven’t got around to doing anything with that inspiration just yet – busy bee me)! Still love this piece! You are such a great writer!


  2. Powerful stuff Pooky. Could you do that? I couldn’t.


    • PookyH says:

      No. I don’t think i could ever raise a finger to one of my own but I’ve also learnt in life that different situations can drive us to do things we never before thought possible…


  3. That’s haunting.


  4. Wow!! this is truly daunting…It read so well too…very nice!!


  5. topazo says:

    wow! I was really sucked in…the pace was nice, building to a crescendo at the end….scary too


  6. colonialist says:

    Well, she let him into the world, so she can take him out!
    In a sombre mood?


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