When did Tomorrow become Today?

When did this tomorrow,
Of which I never cared to think too much,
Become today?

When did the future,
Incomprehensible in size and shape,
Come out to play?

When did what lay ahead,
A meaningless speck on life’s horizon,
Enter life’s daily fray?

When did unmade plans,
Because there’s always much more time ahead,
Shade our lives grey?

When did this tomorrow,
Of which I never cared to think too much,
Become today?


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20 Responses to When did Tomorrow become Today?

  1. Too true. It just sneaks up on us when we’re not looking.


  2. words4jp says:

    you have an incredible way of placing thoughts – basic thoughts (sometimes:) in writing which make you think – or shall i say you place into words what it is we do think if we could verbalize it – make sense? btw – i posted a piece today – about “before the gun is fired” – you may find it interesting:)


  3. Excellent! Abstract and concrete come together beautifully


  4. Its one of life’s wonders isn’t it? Tomorrow always turns up, no matter how much we procrastinate it arrives usually round here in a brilliant burst of sunshine. Great poem Pooky.


  5. C.J. Black says:

    While all the time we are living in the Now.


  6. When I read this I was taken up with the speed of it which was so in keeping with the topic. It is a mystery how time flies!


  7. I wish I knew the answer! Lovely poem.


  8. topazo says:

    this is a very thought provoking piece…reminds one to make hay while the sun shines..


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