I’m done with being scared,
I might not be well prepared,
And my feet will hurt like hell,
And the rest of me will swell.
And my time will not be fast,
But the miles WILL plod past,
And I’ll make it to the end
YES, I’ll make it to the end.
For weeks I’ve been afraid
These are plans that aren’t well laid
I am not the type to run,
I’d prefer to have some fun.
But now the day is here,
I’m imagining the cheers,
And the folk who’ll call my name
Who will help me up my game.
I’m no longer full of fear,
Just an eery sense of cheer,
And I feel excited too,
This is something I CAN do.
Yes I know it’s really far,
And I’d rather go by car,
But I’ll make it to the end.
YES, I’ll make it to the end.


Tomorrow I am running (crawling?) the London Marathon for Beat, the eating disorders charity ā€“ a cause close to my heart. Iā€™m a trustee of Beat, a recovered anorexic and have spent the last 7 years completing my PhD with the eating disorders unit at the Institute of Psychiatry. You can sponsor me here or leave your messages of support here in WordPress. They mean a huge amount to me and really will help me stick the course tomorrow so please take a moment to do so. Thank you! xxx

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18 Responses to Marathon

  1. dflorack says:

    Run, Pooky, run! You can do it!


  2. words4jp says:

    You can do this. Just pace yourself. You have a lot of people thinking about you and sending good vibes. You can do this;)


  3. Good Luck! Such a great charity to run for, I’m sure you’ll be brilliant!


  4. Best wishes Pooky, one foot after the other and you’ll make it. Have faith in yourself, you can do this, yes it will hurt, but what doesn’t, so from across the globe I’ll be willing you on as you run/crawl whatever method you employ to accomplish this wonderful feat for the great charity you support. Go Pooky go!!!!


  5. Charlie Alford says:

    Best of luck… just imagine all of us wordpressers chanting your poem in your mind and before you know it you’ll be at the finish line. šŸ™‚


  6. Lovely poem, love the rhythm. And well done on completing the marathon! Woohoo!


  7. wbdeejay says:

    A beautiful poem. Your determination is just part of the messages it imparts.


  8. Wow! Congratulations~a marathon is a big accomplishment!


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