Love Abounds – Thank You!

I have a life that’s full of love,
Where kindnesses abound.
A life devoid of hatred,
Where no anger can be found.
I thank my lucky stars each day,
That life can feel so good,
And think about the times back when
I didn’t think it could.
It took a time to let myself
Be loved, and to love back,
But every day I’m happy
Now that life is right on track.
I’m thankful for my family,
And for my friends as well,
Face to face and online friends,
Each one of you is swell!

Love abounds - thank you - a poem by Pooky

This rather soppy number is inspired by the emotional support and generous sponsorship I’ve received for the London Marathon I’m running on Sunday.

I’m genuinely overwhelmed by how kind everyone has been. It will be with thoughts of you all in my heart that I (hopefully) cross the finish line on Sunday. Xxx

–My sponsorship page–

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14 Responses to Love Abounds – Thank You!

  1. Good luck! Hope it goes well xx


  2. CC Champagne says:

    Stay positive, and good luck! Sloppy or not, this brought a smile to my face!


  3. Otrazhenie says:

    Oh, so beautiful. Loved this poem 🙂 Good luck with the marathon 🙂


  4. Good luck Pooky! The kitty and I are praying for you!


  5. Robin says:

    Not soppy at all! Good luck!


  6. wbdeejay says:

    So good to read of your abundant love experience.


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