Truth or Lie?

Sometimes the truth starts just where lying ends,
But other times the line is rather blurred,
And we forget what’s foe and what is friend,
And the sequence of events that have occurred.

We tell ourselves that it is all okay,
That with time truth will surely reappear,
But it starts to wither and decay,
When lies make up the only words we hear.

We want the truth we say, but that is lies,
For if we did we’d open up our heart,
We make a mockery with muted cries,
Glad truth is stranded after a false start.

Sometimes truths are better left unspoken.
Sometimes little lies leave less hearts broken.

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4 Responses to Truth or Lie?

  1. CC Champagne says:

    This is beautiful, and very true – unfortunately. Lovely write!


  2. Great Pooky! And a sonnet too! Ive never tried one! Xx


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