I Pick You Up

When you fall,
I pick you up,
And dust you down,
And gently cup
Your face within
These hands of mine,
And as you grizzle
And you whine,
I whisper softly
In your ear,
All the words
You need to hear,
To help you
Feel calm again,
And to help
To ease your pain.
Your tears dry,
Your breathing slows,
You’re feeling better,
And it shows.
And every time,
I am surprised,
To see this change,
Before my eyes.
You were so sad,
And now you’re fine,
Because I took
Your hand in mine.


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6 Responses to I Pick You Up

  1. Cute little girl. Yours? Shame about the booboos on her knees. 😦


  2. wbdeejay says:

    This is a beautiful capturing of the soothing a mother can give.


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