The Day She Knew She Could

She told herself she couldn’t,
A thousand times a day,
Because she knew she wouldn’t,
She couldn’t find a way,
To climb this giant mountain,
Looming straight ahead,
A hill, she might have managed,
A mountain’d leave her dead.
She couldn’t and she wouldn’t,
She told all those who cared,
She also told the postman,
And the milkman wasn’t spared.
So why’d you say you’d do it?
Asked a kindly passer-by,
Which left her somewhat puzzled,
As she contemplated why.
In truth she had imagined,
That it wouldn’t be so hard,
But just how hard she found it,
Had caught her quite off guard.
But maybe she could do it,
She wondered with a smile,
When had she last thought that?
It had been a little while.
With a new determination,
She ventured forth that day,
And she went to slay some dragons,
Climbing mountains on her way.

The Day She Knew She Could - a poem by Pooky

[In a moment of madness I agreed to run the London Marathon for Beat – the eating disorders charity. Training is proving tough going as I have ongoing issues with my feet, which are held together by pins. I had begun to convince myself I couldn’t do it, but having just run 10.5 miles I am feeling a little more confident this evening, hence today’s poem. If you’d like to sponsor me, you can do so here – but I also gratefully receive kind words of encouragement in lieu of cash 😉 ]

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16 Responses to The Day She Knew She Could

  1. march 3rd 2014. the day pooky realised she could run the london marathon. You’re right, you know.

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  2. Amazing poem — I love it! Cheers to you for running for such an amazing cause as well.


    • PookyH says:

      Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment – I see from your blog that you’re a runner so I’ve now moved you into the ‘crazy person’ category in my head, I hope that’s okay. Of course, your love of chocolate and furbabies makes me warm to you a little more 😉


  3. Your determination is inspiring Pooky, as i can’t give you any amounts of money I do wish you well and I am sure your will to do this will overcome all the pain I know you will encounter as you try and compete with those African runners at the head of the pack. But do you best I’ll be cheering you on from way down her under the earth.


  4. You are a totally cool person Pooky. Of course I’ll support you! GO POOKY! I hope you are not damaging your feet. I’ll still sponsor you if you can’t run. I do admire your determination. 🙂


  5. Otrazhenie says:

    Go Pooky!!! You can do it 🙂


  6. Well here are words of encouragement from me! You can do it!! And if it were me doing this mamouth thing the postman and milkman would get fed up of hearing about it!! 😊 Xx


  7. wbdeejay says:

    The self-defeating thoughts in this wonderful poem sounded very familiar to me. But the change at the end, that light started by a spark of positive thought, that was truly beautiful. So I guess the title says it all 😉


  8. charlypriest says:

    Beautifully written, inspiring and I´m glad you´re up and running…literally.
    Strange I just wrote a poem today(not as good as yours) but is the same topic, we have some mental strange connection…….


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