Boy Anorexic – a poem for #EDAW2014

For weeks or months,
They didn’t know,
Just quite what could be wrong.
If he’d been a girl, of course,
It wouldn’t take so long.
To come to a conclusion
About why he seemed to shrink,
But as a boy, this illness
Was the last thing that they’d think
To test for – no one asked him,
Why he seemed to fade away,
They just took bloods and poked him,
Could be viral? They would say.
And all the time he starved himself,
And dark thoughts ruled his mind.
This half-life he was living
Made him feel deaf and blind,
To the world that lived around him,
Folks that didn’t know his name.
His name was anorexia,
Or at least that was his game.
A daily game that tortured him
And played him like a toy,
They didn’t help,
They didn’t know
It could happen to a boy.

Boy Anorexic - a poem for #EDAW2014 by Pooky

As part of eating disorders awareness week, I thought it was important to write a poem to raise awareness of the fact that boys getting eating disorders too. About one in ten diagnosed cases of anorexia is a boy – and community studies (which look at whole populations rather than just those people who end up in treatment) suggest that up to one third of eating disorders sufferers may be male. It’s important that we recognise that boys can be affected as well as girls as otherwise this can delay the appropriate support being given. Many male eating disorders sufferers don’t seek help because they don’t believe they could have an eating disorder.

The following sites provide further information about eating disorders in males:

Men Get Eating Disorders Too

Boys Get Anorexia Too

 You can read all of my eating disorders poems here

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12 Responses to Boy Anorexic – a poem for #EDAW2014

  1. Great poem for spreading this message, Pooky! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m so grateful you are doing this, Pooky. I’m going to share this one.
    Tricia x


  3. mtanub says:

    so great and hits the nail on the head.


  4. Wonderful poem Pooky. Xx


  5. mewhoami says:

    Excellent and needed post. Most people only think of females going through this. They don’t stop to consider than guys go through it also. They need help and attention, equal to what females receive.


    • PookyH says:

      absolutely agreed – I’m on the organising committee of an international eating disorders conference happening in london in a couple of weeks and, at must suggestion, one of the themes was male eating disorders. I’m excited to see the research presented and the plenary discussion too. I hope it will open a lot of people’s eyes.


  6. Reblogged this on And She Titled It Nothing and commented:
    This is so true, as a female people tend to notice more of what emotionally happens with me. But ales suffer some of the same things, they are people to and its something society should become more aware of.


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