Everything and Nothing

She had everything,
And nothing.
Whatever she wanted,
She bought.
But some things
Need more than money.
Some would think it funny,
Looking in,
On her lavish world,
To think,
She felt deprived.
She despaired,
For lack of love,
Lack of fun,
Lack of ‘the one’,
As she sat on her pristine sofas,
Twisting gold bands on her arm.
She lamented the baby
She hadn’t had,
As she sat,
Beneath a painting
Worth more than a house.

A beautiful young woman watching TV at home alone.

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14 Responses to Everything and Nothing

  1. Good poem Pooky, yes we can lament the things we didn’t acquire in life though sometimes those things were not for us. Sad for some people who have a lot of material wealth and very little else.


  2. words4jp says:

    A very unique piece. Very relatable in so many ways.


  3. mtanub says:

    such a touching piece. shows how much we need over what we want


  4. This sounds to me like a reminder that happiness comes from within. External stuff cant bring happiness, I think we are all aware of this but its a difficult one because material possessions can give us comfort too. Relationships give us comfort too, but can also bring pain. “Life is difficult” as Scott-Peck says in his book The Road Less Travelled. Xx


  5. That’s very sad. Someone you know?


  6. wbdeejay says:

    Sad. Touching. Beautiful.


  7. Otrazhenie says:

    Very good poem. So true. Everyone has some sorrows, often hidden deeply inside. 😦


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