Why Are Flamingoes Pink?

Look at those birds,
Said Lyra to Ellie,
They’re pink,
Don’t you think that’s absurd?
Yes answered Ellie,
Why are they pink,
Is it because of
The pink milk that they drink?
Yes answered Lyra,
With a nod of the head,
In her most authoritative tone.
But just to make sure,
(As she is only four)
She decided to check on her phone.
‘Okay Google’ she said
And she started a search
Of the things that
Could make a bird pink,
And was rather surprised
By the answers she saw,
And wasn’t sure
Quite what to think.
Hmmm, muttered Lyra,
Stroking her chin,
It seems there could be a few reasons,
Some birds are born pink,
And they just stay that way,
But other birds
Change with the seasons.
It could be pink milk,
Shrimps or pink candy floss,
Something they eat or drink lots of,
Or it could be to hide them
Amongst other pink things,
To save them from things they are scared of.
Or maybe, said Ellie,
They like being pink,
So they paint themselves more or less nightly,
With a bottle of paint
And a massive big brush,
To keep themselves painted so brightly.
I think that you’re right,
Said Lyra the sage,
With the wisdom that comes,
With experience and age,
It’s the only explanation,
That doesn’t sound daft,
Prawns and pink milk!
She exclaimed
And they laughed.
They left hand in hand,
Leaving the pink birds to stand,
On one leg,
Whilst they painted their feathers,
And talked of the girls
Who had worked it all out,
The birds thought the girls were very clever.

Why are Flamingoes Pink - a poem by Pooky

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8 Responses to Why Are Flamingoes Pink?

  1. wbdeejay says:

    Haha, I love this conversation style, and the bird’s thoughts at the end were perfect!
    Our zoo had some pink flamingos, one of which was the oldest recorded in captivity at eighty something years, and passed away just recently.


  2. They are very clever! But I think it’s the candy floss.


  3. This is lots of fun! And its a good question!!

    Pooky, Im sorry if Ive missed a few of your daily posts but we have had a christening which alao involved our son and family being here from Ireland for the whole week. Five grandchildren under five. Need I say more?!!! 😄 Xx


    • PookyH says:

      Oh my goodness – you must be EXHAUSTED!

      And sending big hugs your way as I recall last time you your house emptied of visitors it led to a big dip for you (totally understandably) so I’m thinking of you and hope that you had a blast xxxx


  4. Thank you for the big hug! And you remembered my usual “dip”, thank you for that too. And yes its here again but I know it will pass. Xx


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