Words Unheard

Between the words
That are spoken,
Are the words
That are meant,
You have to
Listen carefully,
And then meaning
Is lent,
To turn of a head,
Or the twitch of an eye,
To the flicking of hair,
Or an untimely sigh.
If you listen
Less carefully,
You’ll not hear
The true words,
Then they will take flight,
And disperse,
Words unheard.

Words Unheard - a poem by Pooky

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5 Responses to Words Unheard

  1. wbdeejay says:

    I feel a dark chill around here.
    Often the unspoken words shout the loudest, and can drown out the rest. It can be very hard to hear what is going on, head filled with the sound of silence. Head filled with words unspoken. Communication has become broken.


  2. This poem can have a variety of meanings depending in the context of the relationship. In a therapeutic relationship one uses their skill to hear what’s not being said, but even the most skilled of therapists must reflect back as they can misinterpret.
    Then sometimes in our personal relationships we can slip into something called ‘imaginary functioning’ where we think there is some kind of subtext, but in fact what is said is what is meant and their is no deeper meaning. Of course there are times when there is a subtext…
    Communication is so much easier if we are able to trust and speak openly. That’s why I can’t stand being on committees and such. I can’t bear the political game playing that is so often involved, and I’m not good at pussy footing around peoples fragile egos. I’m kind but honest, sometimes too honest. 🙂
    Oh my I do go on, but Pooks your words have that effect on me.
    Mrs Verbosity signing off. x


    • PookyH says:

      I love that you ‘go on’ Tricia 🙂

      I found this really interesting – I learnt to use reflection in a motivational interviewing course I completed a few years ago (you may have come across it, it’s a counselling technique that is particularly effective in cases of addiction and is increasingly used with eating disorders). Since then, I’ve found that I use it in my day to day life. I hate the idea of not really hearing what someone intended to say.


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