Three Loves

My darling girls,
I love you so,
I hope you know that’s true,
It’s only now,
I feel complete,
Now, that I’ve got you.
My life before,
Was fun and free,
With time to stop and rest,
It’s different now,
That you are here,
Each day a brand new quest.
I wouldn’t change,
A second though,
I love you in my life,
On Valentine’s
I love three times,
As a mother,
And a wife.

Three Loves - a Poem by Pooky

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16 Responses to Three Loves

  1. Pooky, this is simply beautiful. x


  2. Garry Fowler says:

    So lovely Pooky. You should get your poems published so a wider audience can appreciate your genius!!


  3. I have gone all gooey


  4. wbdeejay says:

    A very different take on the valentine’s day theme, really enjoyed it!


  5. Gorgeous.Happy Valentines Day! X


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