The Compliment

Did you mean what you said?
Such a nice thing to say,
But you said it in such a casual way,
That I don’t know if you meant it,
And now I’m left torn,
Because maybe you meant it,
Or maybe you fawn
Over everyone,
And your words don’t mean much?
Maybe you’re a regular
User of such
Kind, generous language,
Words that seem
Fantastic and heart-warming,
Perhaps you just hate
To see folk disappointed,
And ‘outstanding’ means ‘fine’
But if your words were empty,
You showed not one sign.
If you did really mean it,
Then I thank you
A lot,
If actually meant,
Then your words hit the spot.
And maybe they were meant,
It’s quite hard to tell,
I find it hard to take compliments
That make my heart swell.

The Compliment - a poem by Pooky

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11 Responses to The Compliment

  1. txbutterfly3 says:

    I always mean what I say : )


    • PookyH says:

      Me too! I’m not sure everyone does though do they?


      • txbutterfly3 says:

        no, not everyone does. I remember a story someone told me about a dignitary who was frustrated that no one was listening to what they said in the receiving line. Someone came up and asked how they were, and he replied “my grandmother is dying” to which they replied, “oh, how great”. I guess not only do people not always say what they mean, they don’t always listen ; ) life. just have to laugh sometimes.


      • PookyH says:

        Oh that’s terrible 😦


  2. This resonated somewhat with me Pooky, on the receiving end of it, that is. I used to find it very difficult to accept compliments and tended to dilute them with my reaction/response. I have, however, learned to say “thank you” and leave it there without any “buts”. If the other person doesnt really mean the compliment then thats an issue for them to deal with. I always try to be honest and say what I mean. Someimes what I mean needs leaving in silence. Its sometimes the best way, but if I pay someone a compliment then I mean it. So this is me saying your poetry is, in my opinion, getting stronger and stronger, and you pick some very tricky subjects. 😊 Xx


  3. wbdeejay says:

    Interpreting other’s words is a bit of a guessing game. Taking and accepting a compliment can be difficult for many. I know that for myself in much of the past. But it is a skill you can learn quickly and the benefits are worthwhile. I wish you compliment acceptance and self appreciation.


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