The rain drop hits the window,
And follows the path,
Of the droplets before it.
It knows just where to go,
What to do,
And follows its predestined path
Some days,
I wish I could be more like the rain.

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8 Responses to Destiny

  1. Oh I love this Pooky! So beautifully reflective xx


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  3. wbdeejay says:

    Calming rain and harsh, stormy rain. Perhaps we all are.
    Beautiful and inspiring Pooky. See my response at Raindrop Destiny.


  4. I’m so far behind on my blog commenting. Between my ipad issues and my weariness I’m not doing things as well as I would like. I came to this poem, Pooky, because I’m trying to catch up and Peter’s companion piece brought me back here.
    I love this poem so much. The rain as a metaphor for life is beautiful, it has it’s predestined purpose and follows its path. I also love rain because it’s rain, love the feel on my skin, the taste on my tongue.
    These nine lines evoke so much for me.
    Tricia xx


    • PookyH says:

      It’s funny, I’d forgotten which poem this was until I re-read it following your comment. I quite like it too! Doesn’t read like one of mine at all… I loved Peter’s response and how the two worked together. x


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