How Long Will It Be?

How long will it be, I wonder,
Before you want to straighten your hair?
Before you declare your beautiful curls uncool,
And your arms fat,
And your legs short,
And your chest flat?
How long will it be, I wonder,
Before your diary is determined
By the few things you still have
The self-confidence to do?
Having dropped swimming,
And ditched dance,
Quit riding,
And finished with art.
How long will it be, I wonder,
Until your world changes,
And just how can I help?
Can I protect you from the world?
Right now you’re three,
And you love no one more than you.
You know you’re beautiful,
And you’ll try anything once.
You have no fear of failure,
Or being made to look a fool,
How can I protect that innocence,
Whilst leaving you free to grow?
I don’t know,
I don’t know,
Sometimes the World looks big and scary,
Especially to a mother.

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10 Responses to How Long Will It Be?

  1. Pooky! I cant believe youve written and posted this now!! Just watch for my next post here on WP!! It may be tonorow. Needless to say this poem resonated with me so very much. Im getting those feelings one generation on! Xx


  2. The fears of every parent Pooky, but trust me, your children will amaze you as they go through life, taking on things you never imagined they would. Its a great ride, just hang on.


  3. wbdeejay says:

    A common fear for mothers, I suspect. Great poem!


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