Twenty Six point Two

Twenty six point two miles is a very long way!
Is the kind of insightful thing folks say,
When I tell them I’m running a marathon,
And that four point six miles is the furthest I’ve run.
I’ve had other things on my mind I explain,
And it’s quite hard to find a spare moment to train,
When you’re writing the thesis for your PhD,
And working full time and then making kids’ tea.
And besides it’s so cold and so dark and so wet,
And after a while I start to forget,
It’s not them that I need to convince but me,
And regardless of theses, employment and tea,
It’s time that I put on my trainers and run,
Even if it’s not quite my idea of fun.
Because I want to raise plenty of money for Beat,
And the best way to do that is to speak with my feet,
And to put in my all and to show that I care,
And to hope that my loved ones will find some cash spare,
To donate to the cause then it’ll all feel worthwhile,
And after it’s done I’ll go home with a smile.
(and put my feet up for a very long while)

twenty six point two - a poem by Pooky

[I’m running the London Marathon for Beat, the eating disorders charity, you can sponsor me here or leave words of encouragement (I need them) below. I went for my first run in a few weeks today after a break to focus on my thesis. And it HURT!]

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7 Responses to Twenty Six point Two

  1. randomblurting says:

    I love this! …. The photo you’ve chosen for this is fantastic! 🙂


  2. Hi Pooky I would love to donate to your cause but I am not sure if they will accept OS donations so my best wishes, I think it is a great cause. As they say my friend, no pain no gain….


  3. I can’t believe you’re going to fit in training as well! Do you ever sleep?


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