Katie the Cuddler

There once was a girl called,
Katie the brave,
And wherever she went,
She made sure that she gave
Cuddles to people,
Both the big,
And the small,
As she’d learnt long before,
That a cuddle is all
That you need in your life,
It can cure your troubles,
And manage your strife,
And pop big sadness bubbles.
She had learnt of this trick,
From a kangaroo friend,
Whose ideas for fun,
Seemed just never to end.
He taught Katie to juggle,
To spin,
And to joke.
And he taught her to make,
Little green puffs of smoke,
That would slowly sink down,
To the grass with a sigh,
And then vanish as if
In the blink of an eye.
Leaving bunnies or monkeys,
Or surprised looking cats,
Sitting square on the grass,
And adjusting their hats.
Then one day as the smoke cleared,
There was no pet to be found;
But instead a small Princess,
Was stood on the ground.
She looked scared and quite tearful,
Which Katie thought
Quite made sense,
As she knew not where she was,
Or where her world just went.
The kangaroo glanced,
At the Princess and saw,
That something was needed
To help her mood thaw.
So he hopped right on over,
And gave her a cuddle,
And quickly she smiled,
And looked rather less muddled.
And from that day forever,
Young Katie had learned,
That a cuddle’s the best prize,
That can ever be earned.
That it solves many problems,
And removes many frowns,
It makes ups bigger ups,
And it helps lift the downs.
So now Katie takes care,
And wherever she goes,
She hugs everybody,
And their love for her grows.

Katie Cuddler - a poem by Pooky

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13 Responses to Katie the Cuddler

  1. Lovely Pooky, cuddles are so important to us all. Though I might suggest it is not very wise to try and cuddle a kangaroo, unless you are another kangaroo.


  2. findingmyinnercourage says:

    I love this!


  3. Lovely Pooky! Another one for the book 😄 x


  4. wbdeejay says:

    Ah that is just the sweetest loveliest poem you have written so far (and a great story too!)


  5. There ‘s a touch of the Dr. Seuss in you, Pooky. Another wonderful children’s story. xx


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