The Secret Star

I’ve got a friend,
Who doesn’t know,
Quite what a star she is.
She doesn’t know,
We all look on,
And admire her
Spark and fizz.
She thinks she’s
Just existing,
But that’s just so far
From true,
You only need to
Take a glance,
To see she’s someone who
Makes the most of every day,
Does what she can
With what she’s got.
A loving Mum,
A trusted friend,
(And sickeningly hot).
There’s no two ways,
Times have been hard,
But she has held her own.
She’s an example to us all,
She’ll never walk alone.
Siân you are a superstar,
We love you
And we hope,
That in these rather
Trying times,
You’ll let us help you cope.

The Secret Star - a poem by Pooky

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4 Responses to The Secret Star

  1. What a lovely tribute, Pooky. You are a true friend to her. xx


  2. What a good friend you are!


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