Thank You Little Nurses

Today I saw,
How much you care,
For your poor dear old Mum.
Concern flashed plain,
Across your faces,
When you learned I had come
Home from work,
Feeling unwell,
And looking rather pale.
You took my hands
Into your own,
And embarked on a tale.
A story meant to cheer me up,
And then a lullaby,
As you tucked me into bed,
And urged that I should try
To get some sleep,
And feel well soon,
You covered me with kisses,
And made sure I was comfortable.
I love you little misses!
Thank You Little Nurses - a poem by Pooky

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12 Responses to Thank You Little Nurses

  1. Pooky, this is one to treasure. A precious memory beautifully captured and held forever in time.
    And you wrote even though you were unwell, that’s commitment.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon
    Tricia xx


    • PookyH says:

      They were precious bless them. I was feeling really rough and even before I could respond to their excitement at unexpectedly seeing me mid-afernoon I had to make a dash for the loo – as I threw up little Ellie came in and said ‘Oh poor Mummy. I love you so much’ bless her! I think they quite liked having someone to nurse!

      Feeling a lot better now thank you – and as for writing when sick, I think it probably just shows I’m sadly sadly addicted at this point 😉

      Need to now show the same level of dedication to my marathon training before my trainers go mouldy!


  2. wbdeejay says:

    Dedicated loving nurses indeed, how wonderful!
    Enjoyed the surprise created by the run-on lines and staggered spacing of this poem.


  3. Aw bless them! I hope youre feeling better Pooky. Take care xx


  4. Beautiful poem, Pooky, and treasured little nurses, too. I hope by now you’re feeling better. I’m on day 12 of being sick, but am slowly on the mend…xx


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