A Robin Called Dave – a Story Poem

There once was a Robin,
And he was called Dave,
He was small, brown and feisty
And terribly brave.
He looked forward each year,
To Yuletide time,
When he could please people,
With Christmassy rhymes,
As he flashed his red breast,
And struck a cute pose,
People would point
And exclaim ‘there he goes!’
But when Christmas was over,
In Dave’s first working year,
He sat with a sigh,
And he choked back the tears.
For new year’s no time,
For a robin red breast,
He’s suddenly no longer
A much-welcomed guest.
As people look on,
And they spy poor old Dave,
And they think sadly back,
To the gifts that they gave,
And the turkey they ate,
And the fun that they had,
And they think of the wait,
Until Christmas returns.
And it feels so long,
That they turn right away,
From poor Dave and his songs.
Dave’s feelings were hurt,
And he felt deeply sad,
And he too thought back to
The fun that he had,
Leading to Christmas day,
When the people loved him,
And he thought to himself,
That the chances were slim,
That he’d find a new job,
For the rest of the year,
That would bring laughter,
And love, hope and cheer.
Quite despondent he picked up
The Avine Gazette,
And flicked through the jobs,
Hoping that he could get,
A job as fulfilling
As ‘Yuletide bird’;
Some of the jobs sounded
Frankly absurd.
There were part time positions
For guard-birds and spies,
And one job for blackbirds
Who liked baking pies.
Dave kept reading through,
And eventually found,
A job of which he thought
He quite liked the sound:
“Little old man
With no kids and no wife
Who has been fond of
Small birds all his life,
Requires a reason to live
And to smile,
Experienced people-cheerer-uppers
Should file
Their interest with Ellie
The Eagle and boss
Of the avian philanthropic
Grant-giving trust.”
Without hesitation,
Dave flew to Ellie,
Who briefed him and trained him,
And fed him worm jelly.
Then he flew on his way,
To the little old man,
Hope filling his heart,
And his pretty wing-span.
The little old man,
Was asleep in his chair,
When Dave first arrived,
So Dave had a good stare.
The little old man,
(His name was Ron)
Was frail and thin,
And as Dave looked on,
He woke with a wheeze
And a sniff and a cough
“This is it!” thought young Dave
And then he was off,
Singing songs, flying low,
And parading about,
And mesmerised, Ron,
Quite forgot his gout
And his cough and his cold,
And the sadness he felt,
And as he watched on,
His heart started to melt,
And his mouth was upturned,
To reveal a smile,
A feat not achieved,
In rather a while.
The old man was happy,
The robin was too,
And soon they became
An inseparable two.
Ron would feed Dave
From the palm of his hand
And Dave, with some practice,
Soon learned to land,
On Ron’s outstretched finger,
And to Ron’s delight,
Dave then gave a dance,
Before taking flight.
Ron found a reason to live
In young Dave,
And Dave was made happy
By the pleasure he gave
The little old man.
And so now every year,
When his Yuletide shift’s over,
You’ll find Dave right here,
In the home of old Ron,
Who is now his best friend,
And whose sad, lonely heart,
Dave has worked hard to mend.

A Robin Called Dave - a Story Poem by Pooky

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26 Responses to A Robin Called Dave – a Story Poem

  1. nofrillswrapping says:

    That’s so cool!


  2. Oh Pooky, this is so beautiful it made me cry happy tears. I love birds and they do bring joy with their songs and wee dances.
    Another lovely rhythm and rhyme piece. And the wonderful pictures you draw with your words:- birds reading the ‘situations vacant’ in their birdie newspapers. I’m pleased Dave steered clear of any blackbird type work, one never knows how he might have ended up. πŸ™‚
    I shall now go and get Big Ted, and read it aloud to him ’cause he’s my special companion, and he helps mend my heart. πŸ™‚
    Tricia xx


  3. Louise Allan says:

    Loved this, Pooky! A truly heart-warming story πŸ™‚


  4. A lovely story poem Pooky with a beautiful message; another perfect story for a children’s book! I can just see myself reading it to my grandchildren! All it requires for a book is illustrations, and one of a robin looking at “situations vacant” would be just priceless.



  5. wbdeejay says:

    A complete story book in this poem Pooky. It’s delightfully wonderful and just perfect too!


  6. Emily Page says:

    Love this one Pooky! Our garden is blessed with friendly Robins – they nest in our garden shed and I feel quite protective of them, especially from the neighbours’ cats! Grrr!!!


  7. Amazing! You have such a way with words and rhymes!


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