Happy Anniversary

[A poem for the man I love on our fifth wedding anniversary]

Five years ago I took a ring,
And put it on your hand,
To all intents and purposes,
A gesture that’s quite bland.
A band of gold and nothing more,
Is how it might appear,
But not to me,
That band of gold,
Will always keep you near.
It came along with promises,
To love you every day,
And to let you love me back,
In your most special way.
Five years on and we are strong,
We love, we laugh, we play,
And still we think back fondly,
To that very special day.
Surrounded by the ones we love,
A smile on every face,
All safe in the knowledge
We were in the perfect place.
We could have been just anywhere,
But with your hand in mine,
And a ring upon that hand,
I knew we’d be more than fine.

Tom & Pooky Wedding Featurette SD from Freddie Smith on Vimeo.

Tom’s Vows to Pooky
Pooky, your love is like the sun to me. Without it, I would walk in darkness, cold and without comfort. Your love raises my spirits, helps me grow and lets me see all that is good in the world.
From the moment we met, I always imagined it leading to this day. There is no-one who could be as kind, as loving and as giving as you. No-one as beautiful, nor better company – you are complete and perfect to me.
I promise always to be there for you. I will try every day to live up to be the husband you deserve.

Pooky’s Vows to Tom
Since we met we have been better together than apart. You have shown me how to love and how to enjoy being loved. I will always value your honesty, your kindness, your friendship and your ability to make everything fun!
Already we have many happy memories, and I look forward to the years ahead when we can grow together and face the best times and the worst hand in hand.
I promise always to love you, to respect you and to care for you. I promise to enjoy our relationship every day and continue to appreciate how lucky I am that you love me.

Happy Anniversary - a poem by Pooky

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24 Responses to Happy Anniversary

  1. wbdeejay says:

    Beautiful poem and Congratulations on your wedding anniversary. Thanks for sharing the video, it looks like a smashing day.

    Looking back now, what are your precious memories/feelings?


    • PookyH says:

      That’s a really good question – I think the key feeling was one of loving and of feeling loved – not just by Tom but by so many wonderful people in our lives who’d all made a huge effort to make the journey in freezing conditions to be there for us.

      It was a truly wonderful day and had drawn on the skills and experiene of many friends and family (one friend did the flowers, another the hair a third sang for our first dance) I just felt lucky beyond belief and hugely grateful that Tom had found me and stuck by me through tough times. Our first year was a tough one for me where I went through pretty severe PTSD, He would study when I slept so he could wake me and hold me if night terrors took hold. I’m still amazed that he didn’t just walk away. But he didn’t, he never has. I’m very lucky.


      • wbdeejay says:

        I think that’s the best kind of wedding, where friends are involved bringing their personal love & touch to everything. Mine was similar, if only to save money that we didn’t have anyway. Glad you have someone sticking by you through the rough times and there to share the good as well.


  2. Such a lovely poem, Pooky. And thank you for sharing your vows on the blog, they are beautiful. I wish you both many more years of loving and learning together.
    Great big hugs
    Tricia xoxo


    • PookyH says:

      When we got engaged we’d never been to another wedding… when we were told we could write our own vows (because it was a non-christian wedding) we assumed it was the norm. I’m glad we did it and they made everyone cry – but I’ve not been to another wedding where other people have done the same (and I’ve now been to a LOT of weddings!)

      Tom had secretly learnt his vows whereas I read mine, we have a photo on our wall of our wedding day where Tom and I are sharing a moment – when I watched our wedding video back I realised this moment we’d chosen to capture forever on canvas came just as I was berating my new husband for showing me up and learning his vows without my knowledge 🙂 (In the video I shared, Tom is learning his vows at the beginning when you see his back looking out of the window).


      • Oh Pooky, how priceless and precious.
        I had to be married in a catholic church because I was only 19 and my mother still ruled me with an iron rod. But Rod and I took a quiet moment alone as soon as we got to the reception venue, and it was then we shared what we considered to be our real vows. We took our rings off, spoke from our hearts, and then exchanged rings again.
        Neither of our mothers wanted us to marry, (his family were posh and I was as un-posh as one could be – my mother’s big beef was he wasn’t a catholic, of course this was one of his virtues for me 🙂 ) so the wedding planning was a bloody war zone. I wasn’t allowed to have the bridesmaids I wanted, nor choose the venue, in the end I mentally opted out and let them fight it out. I just kept repeating to myself ‘we’ll soon be married, we’ll soon be married’, and that got me through. But those 5 minutes alone, exchanging our real vows, were the most precious in our day. xxx


      • PookyH says:

        It sounds like those five minutes were the bedrock of all that was to follow. They sound precious and like you’ve not forgotten a moment of them x


  3. Congratulations! And here’s to many more! Xx


  4. charlypriest says:

    That´s sweet, lovely poem, congratulations!

    How do you do it? You or any other people that I know that are married for over a period of a year just escapes my mind. But I´m glad you found your guy.


  5. nofrillswrapping says:

    The video was great! Your gown is stunning! May you both always be blessed with love and happiness.


  6. Emily Page says:

    Aw! Congratulations to you both. Time flies when you’re having fun x


  7. Sorry I missed this, Pooky, but wishing you both a belated Happy Anniversary! Lovely photos, poem and video! I wish you more happiness in the years to come…(we’re heading to our 25th on Jan. 21st) :). xxx


    • PookyH says:

      Thank you! And congratulations on 25 in a couple of days time. I hope you’ll be celebrating in style?


      • Thanks, Pooky! We’ll be in the wine country, staying in an old Victorian Hotel, wine tasting, sight-seeing, massages, etc…:) We were thinking of returning to Hawaii or going out of the country, but with both of our Dad’s being in their 90’s, we’d like to stay closer. I’m just so thankful we have each other and wherever we celebrate would be special, close or far away. ♥


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