You Make Me…

You make me old,
You make me young,
You give me a new sense of fun.
I see things through your child’s eyes,
But age with worry when you cry.

You make me fast,
You make me slow,
You teach me there’s no place to go,
That won’t wait whilst we ponder leaves,
But I run fast to fix your grief.

You make me happy,
You make me sad,
Already I miss the days we had,
They pass too fast, but they make way,
For newer, more exciting days.

But most of all,
You make me glad,
You’re the best luck I’ve ever had.
I love you both enormously,
Completely, unconditionally.

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12 Responses to You Make Me…

  1. T. D. Davis says:

    I LOVE this! Happy New Year.


  2. A beautiful love letter to children. Sometimes, childhood is better the second time around.


  3. KIds do that to you don’t they. I worked around them, as well as my own and I am sure they have kept me young. Mine alone did, no time to get old around them, it was all go go go.


    • PookyH says:

      I think they make you feel young but look old! It’s hubby and my fifth wedding anniversary tomorrow but we each look at least ten years older 🙂

      Is it strange knowing that you’re not going back to school?


  4. A beautiful tribute to the love of your/our children Pooky. There are always new and exciting times ahead, and indeed new worries. Its all part of the package! 😊 xx


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