Growing Up

I cannot help but notice,
That you’re growing up too fast.
When you were small,
I had assumed,
Your childhood would last
Far longer than it seems to have,
It really has whizzed by;
It seems only two weeks ago,
That you relied on my
Help to serve your every need,
But gradually no more;
You took delight, all by yourself,
Watching the water pour
From the taps, both hot and cold,
Into your bath today:
‘I did it by myself’ you said.
I wiped a tear away.
It’s just a little thing of course,
But small things make the sum,
Of a child,
Who’ll one day find,
She doesn’t need her Mum.
And soon I’ll find
I need you more,
Than you need me or Dad.
But forevermore,
I’ll cherish,
Every moment that we had,
When you were small,
And needed me,
Whilst trying to embrace
The roles we play,
In this new life,
And tackle it with grace.
Each new phase is exciting,
Though I mourn the days gone by,
I also do look forward,
To the new things that we’ll try.

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9 Responses to Growing Up

  1. This is so lovely Pooky.

    I treasured, as you are doing,, every moment of every stage in their lives, and rhere are so many exciting times yet to come for you. And of course we mourn the passing of them all. But they soon turn themselves into fabulous memories that will last forever and be talked about forever too. We have been doing some of this remembering over Christmas when my sister found two photos of our older two children, each on a rocking horse. When my sister described the photos she had found I was able to tell her what each of them was wearing. She could hardly belive that I remembered. But I just dont forget this stuff, its just who I am. Its all wonderful. Xx


  2. words4jp says:

    I can understand perfectly what you are experiencing. The funny thing is, my older son, the one who went away for College for the first time, said to me last week while he was home, that he has no time. No time to do all that he needs to do… I told him that as you get older, time moves more quickly. I also told him to sloooow down and enjoy this time he is experiencing. Of course, this is the young man who returns home and needs me to do everything…… and I, like the mom that i am and missing his little munchkin days, oblige him:)


  3. So true Pooky, they do grow, they do change, they do go through a phase of not needing us. But amazingly they keep coming back, for we as parents remain the one constant in their lives. My eldest daughter is 37 and this week rang with enthusiasm in her voice for my visit next week. We so look forward to seeing each other, spending time with her family, her young children, the excitement never fades, it just takes another shape.


  4. Children learn and grow in independence, as they should, but they never stop needing the most important thing, Pooky, our love. And often when they’re fully grown, they treasure our loving support. The things we do for them may change over the years, but a loved child always needs its parents.
    Tricia xxx


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