Poetry Writing

All it takes is one line,
And the rest of it’s fine,
But sometimes that one line is elusive.
You hunt high,
You hunt low,
But the words will not flow,
And your poem is far from conclusive.
You put words on the page,
But look on in a rage,
Knowing these are the wrong words,
Not right ones.
So you sit and you stare,
Just past Heaven knows where
Thinking is my muse there?
Does she no longer care
To inspire my ramblings
And rantings?
She eventually comes,
Laying trails of crumbs,
To a place where the words are residing,
And in the shortest of time,
You have found that one line,
And the rest follow on, no more hiding.

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10 Responses to Poetry Writing

  1. This is so true Pooky, one line is all you need, the rest will behave and follow the lead of the first line, but as we know the next day a new light shines on what you wrote the day before, at least that’s how it works for me….have a good day.


  2. I have a section in my notebook specifically for One Liners….they are those that come with no muse but they tend to be my favorites to write. Your last 3 words, No more hiding, are true for a poem. Once the rest follow the first it is justified that they must no longer be kept within.


  3. Apurva says:

    this is absolutely true 🙂


  4. This is the way it seems to go!

    Hope you had a good Christmas and wishing you a happy New Year!



  5. Nice one, Pooky. I often think of poetry as a woman who refuses to be taken for granted. Sometimes she comes gently, then there are the times we must search and lovingly coax her. 🙂


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