I want an alien for Christmas!

I want an alien for Christmas!
Declared the little girl,
As she spoke to Father Christmas,
Whilst pushing back her curls.
I want one who’s as tall as me,
With skin green like a pear,
And seventeen eyes,
And wings to fly,
And funny purple hair.
I’d also like a yo-yo,
And some puzzles please,
But the one thing I want most of all
Is an alien, Santa, pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!
Father Christmas gave a chuckle:
A tall order that’s for sure!
I’ll see what I can do though,
Promised Mr Santa Claus.
When Christmas came around that year,
The girl had hardly slept,
So excited had she been,
About her alien pet.
When she woke up Christmas morning,
And ran downstairs to see,
If Santa Claus had visited,
And left gifts beneath the tree,
She wasn’t disappointed,
There were three marked with her name,
One small, one large, one in-between,
Wrapped in paper just the same.
She opened up the small one first,
And found a yo-yo there,
The next one was a jigsaw
Of Rapunzel with long hair.
She saved the biggest gift to last,
And thought she heard it breathe,
It was rather large and heavy,
And required a ho and a heave,
To pull it out into the room
So it could be unwrapped.
I wonder what it is?
She thought, her excited fingers tapped
A happy tune upon the gift,
Imagine her surprise,
When the gift tapped back
Then unwrapped itself, before her very eyes.
And standing there at three feet tall,
With eyes a shade of grey,
Was her very own personal alien friend,
Who’d come along to play.
An alien! Exclaimed the girl,
Stepping forwards to embrace him,
Her parents exchanged worried looks,
Unsure that they should keep him,
But the girl and the alien shared a look
That said ‘we’ll be best friends’
We’ll talk, we’ll laugh, we’ll run about,
And have fun that never ends.

I want an alien for Christmas - a poem by Pooky inspired by Fountains of Wayne

This poem (which may be the first in a series about the little girl and her alien friend if you’d like to hear more) is unashamedly inspired by one of my favourite Christmas songs, the little known song by Fountains of Wayne:

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8 Responses to I want an alien for Christmas!

  1. Lovely Pooky and yes write more please miss???
    Its such a lot of fun to use your imagination to create stories in this way. One imagines many great adventures will be had.


  2. wbdeejay says:

    Well now, one does wonder what happens next!


  3. dflorack says:

    Yay! You made a poem out of it! I’d love to hear more!


  4. Love this, Pooky, and yes I’d love to read lots of little girl and her alien friend stories. You do this so well. And I’d never heard the song before, loved that too. You make me smile so often.
    Hugs Tricia xx


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