On Christmas Day, With Love

With love to you on Christmas Day,
The international day of play,
When adults, pets and children too,
Stop whatever else they do,
On every other day each year,
And indulge in some festive cheer.
Wearing PJs and a smile,
We all embrace our inner child,
And for this one day we believe,
In magic, love and times of peace.
Lit up faces smile with joy,
Upon opening each new toy,
Or token which says ‘I love you…
I saw this and I thought of you’.
Gifts may be big, they may be small,
For some there are no gifts at all,
Except the gift of love and time,
With those we cherish, and that time
Is the most precious gift of all,
Face to face or long-haul call.
And so to those that I hold dear,
I hope I’ve always made it clear,
How very much your friendship means,
Even if at times it seems,
Life’s too rushed for me to say:
I love you… Now it’s Christmas Day,
And time for me to stop and share,
How very much I really care.
In short, you mean the world to me,
My friends, my loves, my family.
So thank you on this special day,
And Merry Christmas… Now go play!
On Christmas Day with Love - a poem by Pooky

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12 Responses to On Christmas Day, With Love

  1. Merry Christmas to you. I hope your day is one of joy.


  2. Thanks Pooky and big merry Christmas to you and yours from way away in Australia where we are half way thru our Christmas day. I can recommend it as a great day of play. Have a good one..


  3. Pooky this is a ‘little beauty’ as we sometimes say in Oz. It says it all.
    A friend in Australia has 2 little boys just a bit older than your girls. They’ve been awake since 2.30am so I hope you get some sleep soon in case you too have a couple of early risers.
    Have a wonderful day my dear friend.
    Tricia xxxx


  4. wbdeejay says:

    You’ve captured the essence of Christmas here Pooky. Wonderful poem! Wishing you blessings, happiness, and inspiration for now and the year to come. Warmest greetings to you from “down under”.
    Peter x


  5. Happy Christmas to you!


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