There was a time
When I would not
Have understood you.
I’d have mocked you,
Sure that I could never be,
So lax and lacking,
In the fundamentals,
Needed to live life

I’d have scorned
Your attempts at parenting.
Taking notes,
So I knew what not to do
But that was then,
And now there is a problem;
And that’s that
Now time’s passed,
And I am you.

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11 Responses to Judgemental

  1. I know this one, it reminds me of hearing women say they have become their own mothers. Actually Pooky it is beautifully expressed and i get the impression it is reaching out in gratitude.
    Well done.


  2. wbdeejay says:

    Ahhh Pooky, this is brilliant! Beautiful flow. A more serious but gentle voice. Sparse wording (akin to my own style). I’m sure many will identify with this thoughtful topic, men also see themselves becoming their parent(s). Love it. I declare you need to add “-Wordsmith” to the end of your name!


    • PookyH says:

      Thank you Peter 🙂

      Yes, I did think that this felt more like something you would write than something I would write, but then I probably spend more time poring over your poetry than my own so it’s perhaps not surprising.

      Love Pooky Wordsmith 😉


  3. charlypriest says:

    I just tweeted this, as always beautiful poetry and nice subject. I read on your tweet that Pooky is your real name…are you kidding me, your parents didn´t love you. Or maybe they did and it is the short version of Pocahontas, you know the Indian girl that helped Lewis and Clark conquer the West. Quite a lady, like you, you conquered poetry!


    • PookyH says:

      ha ha! Pocahontas would be an awesome name! My mum is bipolar, that probably explains all you need to know. I really like it as noone ever forgets it. My married surname is Hesmondhalgh so my full name is a ridiculous mouthful (I research under my maiden name, Knightsmith, for that very reason).


  4. bloodnshadow says:

    I wrote a comment but it got deleted… anyways…

    I think this poem is beautiful! It reflects a lot of pain as well as a lot of love. Sometimes we are our parents. Always keep it real. I love this poem!


  5. This is so good Pooky! And I relate to it completely. I have almost turned into my mum now!
    Love xx


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