The Girl and The Mirror

I see you check the mirror,
And you don’t like what you see.
It’s clear you think you’re ugly.
You don’t see things clearly.
You touch a finger to your face,
Smooth creases that aren’t there.
Put concealer on imagined spots,
A hand runs through your hair;
It’s perfect but you comb it hard,
Smoothing bumps that aren’t.
You try to move away then,
From your face but find you can’t.
Your attention’s been distracted,
By your hatred of your nose,
You poke it, tears in your eyes,
Your anguish clearly shows;
Painted right across your face,
Which just moments before,
I’d found myself admiring,
I can’t admire it any more.
Your face no less than perfect,
How I’d love to look that way,
But the hatred that you feel for it
Makes your beauty go away.
Before my eyes, as I watched on
You looked upon your face,
And destroyed your perfect beauty,
Leaving hatred in its place.

The girl and the mirror - a poem by Pooky

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17 Responses to The Girl and The Mirror

  1. It’s so sad Pooky when we see people struggle with their looks, when in fact its the person inside who is and always will be the most beautiful. we live in a very materialistic world governed by appearance.


  2. I’ve heard beautiful women have complaints about their faces or figures instead of treasuring what they received by genetic accident and working on the woman inside.


  3. words4jp says:

    It is sad. A sad truth unfortunately. And unfortunately I can relate to it.


  4. The world would be an easier place to inhabit without mirrors.


  5. That pretty much sums up me whenever I look in a mirror.


  6. wbdeejay says:

    I also believe that
    beauty shines out from within,
    no matter what the shape,
    texture, or colour of the skin.
    An interesting twist you added here
    watching her beauty disappear.


  7. A very sad poem Pooky, and a relection of the society in which we live I think, to a great extent, which places so much importance on superficial “beauty” , adverts plying us with serums for this and that and models showing what we should all be aimimg to look like. I hate it; it annoys me to screaming point. The advertising companies have a lot to answer for, creating many serious psychological problems, or if not causing them, certainly exacerbating them. You have captured this so well. X


    • PookyH says:

      It is very sad isn’t it? I ran a workshop for 70 teachers from across the UK last week on the topic of body image and some of the stories they came back with were heartbreaking. Lots of stuff we’d expect (like what’s outlined here) but some of the stuff regarding boys was even more disturbing.


  8. randomblurting says:

    Stunning poem Pooky! It is so insightful and poignant. I am sure many many people would relate to it too. You have voiced what so many of us think about regularly- especially young girls/women.
    Exceptional writing.


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