Will we run out of things to say?

When I grow old,
And you grow grey,
I wonder what
We’ll have to say?
We’re ten years in,
And still we find,
Things to say
To pass the time.
Each time we talk,
I learn from you,
And your considered
Point of view.
You make me think,
And make me laugh,
(Our conversations
Can be daft).
I’m never bored
When you are near,
I love our chats,
And your good cheer.
But as we age,
And hairs turn grey,
Will we run out
Of things to say?

Will we run out of things to say - A poem by Pooky

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9 Responses to Will we run out of things to say?

  1. Mayfair Mum says:

    It’s always a worry – 17 years and we can still chat the night away like we could when we first got together. Trouble is, we’re too tired to stay awake and finish the conversation! Ha ha. Lovely poem. Is it your anniversary?


    • PookyH says:

      Oh that’s funny. I know that feeling well. I think it’s called kids 🙂

      Nope, not our anniversary though our 5th wedding anniversary is coming up in a couple of months, it feels like we were wed a few weeks ago (though we both look at least ten years younger in the pictures!)


  2. Oh, Pooky, I do like this one. Even though you’re asking a question, you’re also answering it by showing the loving, quality time you and,Tom, share.
    Rod and I had forty wonderful years. Yes we had our moments but we made a pact early in our marriage to never go to sleep without a kiss and a cuddle. The other thing that happened over the years is we grew comfortable in our silences. There is joy and gentleness in loving silence.
    Hopefully this is a link to a poem I wrote about silence. There’s 2, but the first one is my favourite.
    I find myself wishing I could share your poem with Rod.
    Hugs Tricia x


    • PookyH says:

      I think you have shared it with Rod. Rod is in your heart always. Thank you for your kind and reassuring words.. I am off to be inspired by your beautiful words now x


  3. wbdeejay says:

    That very same thought has been on my mind many times. But as I get *ahem* older it seems less of a worry.
    Although currently it’s difficult finding topics that work mutually for myself and Ms.Pac so there is some ill-ease reading this.
    As Tricia says, there can be comfort in silence too.
    Enuff said, you know how much I enjoy your poetry!


  4. A lovely poem Pooky.

    And as Tricia says, growing with someone into being comfortable with silence is to be treasured.



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