There’s always time to start again,
When things don’t go to plan.
Just take deep breaths,
To calm yourself,
Shake the stress out if you can. 
Then take a while to cogitate,
On why things went awry.
Then listen to your own advice,
And have another try. 

Perseverance - a poem by Pooky

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14 Responses to Perseverance

  1. So true Pooky, its about not so much the getting up after failure but how fact you can get up.


    • PookyH says:

      Absolutely! This was inspired by a conference presentation I was giving today. The tech failed about thirty seconds in and I could feel myself preparing to fail dramatically. Then I looked at a room full of expectant faces and realised it was just about the least insurmountable problem possible and that if I just took a moment to sort it out and started again then it was likely to go fine. And it did. I got some lovely feedback in fact. (But it could so easily have slipped away from me).


  2. It’s seven times down, eight times up!


  3. Love the poem but the words on the picture, not so much. Sometimes what we think of as failure is in reality practice. The poem is a wonderful example of how to keep trying and to learn from our mistakes. To make a mistake doesn’t mean we’ve failed, it means we’re human.
    I’ll shut up now. Just something I feel really strongly about having grown up being told I stupid.


  4. wbdeejay says:

    Listening to your own advice is a good idea, something I need to do more often.


  5. Perseverance is so important! You said it beautifully 🙂


  6. Very inspirational, Pooky, and loved the quote, as well! xx


  7. As long as we try then thats enough, it may not feel like enough at the time but it is. For me its as simple as that. I spent too many years berating myself – not any more. X


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