To my God Daughter

[A poem for my beautiful God Daughter Maddy on the day of her christening]

We held you in our arms today,
And looked into your eyes,
And wondered what the future holds
For one so small in size.

You’re tiny now, but growing fast,
You’re changing every day
And as you grow, we’ll hold your hands
And help you find your way.

You’ll always know life full of love,
And never need a thing.
We’ll hold you, guide you, lead the way,
With love, our hearts will sing.

And in return, you’ll bring us joy,
With every passing day.
We love you little Madeleine,
A love that’s here to stay.

To My God Daughter - a poem by Pooky

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8 Responses to To my God Daughter

  1. Lovely poem Pooky! And i know you will be a loving, caring godmother.
    It’s a responsibility that is often not taken seriously enough, I feel.
    And I love the name Madeleine/Maddy!



  2. Lovely poem Pooky, your god daughter will grow up being loved and could ask for no more.


    • PookyH says:

      She is just adorable. I wish she (and my best friend) were not 200 miles away though. We sob buckets every time we say goodbye… but at least it motivates us to bridge the distance often…


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