Cake Expectations

It’s nearly my birthday.
I really can’t wait.
Can you bake me a cake Mum?
That would be so great!
I’d like a big pink one,
With chocolate inside,
And white and blue icing,
And flags up the side,

And a picture of Peppa
And George on the top,
And a model of Dora,
Learning to hop.
And it should be quite big Mum,
Much bigger than me.
As big as the table.
As big as the sea!
And it needs to taste yummy,
Like strawberries and cream.
A cake full of sparkles
Is really my dream.
It could have little stairs,
And a rail up the edge,
Leading up to a princess
And a very tall hedge,
That’s kind of a maze,
Where some mice and ducks hide
And Mum…
Can it have beautiful music inside?
Do you think you can make it?
Do you think you can? Please?
“I’ll do my best darling.
It sounds like a breeze.”


Here’s the cake I ended up making and
the “after” picture. It seems it went down okay… Phew!



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24 Responses to Cake Expectations

  1. A piece of cake as they say Pooky.


  2. Brilliant! You have a great talent for this type of poem Pooky. This one is a gem. Xx they should all be in a book 😊xx


  3. Pooky, this is another gem of a poem. You really do have a natural gift for this, and I agree with, Christine, they belong in a book. I love the idea of stairs and a rail, and music inside, how wonderful would that be.
    Rod and I loved creating Ken’s birthday cake together each year. Rod was an engineer before he became a project management consultant, so the designs were very specific. Sometimes we’d be up all night because the cake always had to be a surprise. But we’d work on a sugar high from the eating the cake offcuts as we put our masterpieces together. 🙂
    I love your poems, Pooky, and I love the wonderful memories your words evoke. xoxo


    • PookyH says:

      Oh my goodness they sound fabulous! DO you have any pictures? I’ve made a few wedding cakes in the past but I’m far more nervous about living up to Lyra’s expectations with her birthday cake!

      And thanks for your kind words. When I have enough to make it worthwhile perhaps I’ll try and make a book of them for my girls. I do wish I could draw though. I think it would be really fun to be able to create illustrated story poems.


  4. Very, very cute, Pooky, and that cake image is amazing! I’m a baker myself, so I can relate to this one from the heart of a little girl. ♥


  5. Brenda says:

    Wonderful, I want a piece with a princess in a balcony. 🙂


  6. emilyspage says:

    Never underestimate the importance of the cake!


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