Talking, Squawking

What if we all woke up one day,
And couldn’t think of things to say.
The World would be a quiet place,
With silence stretching into space.
We’d look at one another confused,
Or maybe just a bit amused.
What if, as well, the birds could talk:
Flowing prose, instead of squawks.
They’d have so many things to say,
If they had voices for a day.

As we struggled for some words,
We’d cast our eyes upon the birds,
Exchanging tales and idle chatter,
Whilst we had lost the urge to natter.
It might be nice, for just one day
To hear what bird-life had to say;
And not to say a word aloud
But just allow the thoughts to crowd
Our heads, whilst voices stayed on mute
A sure way to avoid disputes.
The birds might find that fairly soon
They’d prefer just to preen and croon,
Whilst such a strange, unusual day
Would leave us with a lot to say.

Talking, Squawking - a children's poem by Pooky

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13 Responses to Talking, Squawking

  1. wbdeejay says:

    An interesting proposition here for both parties. Really enjoyed this!


  2. A thought provoking premise. Intriguing to wonder where it could lead.
    I have enjoyed the retreat process in the past, although while others focused on religious texts, I found poetry much more rewarding. I once did a retreat based on the movie The Neverending Story. We began the week watching the film and were given a serious questions related to the challenges Atreyu faces. I spoke for one hour each day to the woman leading the retreat, the rest of the time was spent in silence. All the participants came together at the end of the week to share our experience over a meal. We’d become so used to dining in silence that we were in no hurry to speak. That week changed me. I’m a better person as a result. Both my husband and son noticed and admired the change in me. Ever since I’ve realised I need solitude as much as I need air to breath.
    Pooky, your words often take me deep within myself, and I trust you enough to share what comes up for me. xx


    • That should read ‘series of questions’ And ‘air to breathe’.
      Note to self – read the text before you push the button.


    • PookyH says:

      Thank you Tricia – I’m glad you trust me enough to share your thoughts. I always find them fascinating and often your thoughts about my words get me thinking far more deeply than writing them in the first place ever did.

      Your retreat sounds wonderful. What was the reason for choosing The Neverending Story? It was one of my favourite books (and films) as a child though I can barely recall it now other than a wonderful flying giant dog type dragon thing and the fact it ALWAYS made me cry!


  3. This made me smile Pooky, and think too.

    The more I have been pushed by illness into larger slices of solitude, the more I find I have come to need it. And as Tricia said, it is now as necessary to me as the air I breathe. Lovely poem xx


    • PookyH says:

      I somewhat crave it but can’t remember the last time I had it – nor am I sure I’d really invite it given the opportunity… Often when I ask people what they’re up to at the weekend, they say ‘nothing’ and I find myself thinking ‘wouldn’t that be nice?’ but I’m not sure how I’d really find it given the chance…


      • I think we all need a break, whatever stage in life we are at. Though I, like you, am not sure whether I would have welcomed it when I was in the throes of bringing up children. A short few hours was enough for me. I was happier being up to my eyes in it. But its just all very different now and I appreciate solitude and silence like I never thought I would. X


      • PookyH says:

        I find work is a break from the kids and the kids are a break from work so it feels like a very happy balance but I do get a bit tired sometimes…

        Our time will come, I already have BIG retirement plans and I’ve just turned 31…


  4. Your words are both delightful and thought provoking, Pooky, and I believe silence is just as important as the alternative. We’re experiencing it more with our daughter away in college now. Our son, 18, is still home and going to community college, but it’s still different with only one at home. And then, of course, like right now, when he’s gone and it’s just hubby and I. We just got home from a 7 mile hike with our dog, Copper, and I will admit that the silence is welcoming, at times! 🙂 Have a wonderful weekend!


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