The feet with a mind of their own

[Inspired by a conversation with Lyra, 3]

There’s a little man inside my feet
Who tells me where to go.
‘Turn left’ I ask him nicely
But he answers simply ‘no’.
He turns me right and walks me
At a quite alarming pace,
To the shop that’s full of lollipops
(It’s quite my favourite place).
‘Come back!’ My Mummy calls me,
I can tell she’s not impressed,
But I’m standing rooted to the spot
Deciding which sweet’s best.
I don’t mean to be naughty and
Ignore my mother’s cries.
It makes her really angry
I can see it in her eyes.
But the little man inside my feet
Has other plans for me,
When I say left then he says right,
It’s not my fault you see?
So Mummy please forgive me
When my wandering makes us late,
It’s the little man inside my feet
That you need to berate.

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17 Responses to The feet with a mind of their own

  1. This is very cute Pooky, relate though my little man is in my brain and he does have a mind of his own.


  2. littlesmama says:

    So sweet and oh so true of those little feet!


  3. Bastet says:

    Sweet…made me smile!


  4. Another lovely poem that flows beautifully off the tongue when read aloud. The ‘little man’ made me smile.


  5. A sweet little gem Pooky! Keep them coming! 😊 Xx


  6. wbdeejay says:

    Ah thankyou. This brought a big smile to my pre-dawn blurry-eyed face!


  7. jnsimpson6 says:

    Very cute. Enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Brilliant! I think you have a little child inside your head to inspire you to write such lovely children’s poems.


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