As I watch my children soundly sleep,
Their world without a care,
Their faces sweet and innocent,
And softly framed by hair;
I wonder just how anyone
Can bring themselves to harm,
The babies that are in their care
And end that perfect calm.
What does it take to hurt a child
To want to cause them pain?
What does it take to cause that pain
Again, again, again?
Are some mums born as monsters
Pre-destined to cause hurt?
Or do the paths they walk in life
Obscure their thoughts with dirt?
I’ll never understand, I’m sure
I hope my girls won’t too.
I hope I’ll always keep them safe…
That’s what mums should do.

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9 Responses to Incomprehensible

  1. Apurva says:

    true 🙂 I hope my mum feels the same too 🙂


  2. Im sure you will keep them safe Pooky. Its very hard to understand how anyone could hurt a child. Xx


  3. wbdeejay says:

    I person that hasn’t fully experienced that love themselves may not have the capacity, particularly if there are negative mental issues at play.


  4. This one took my breath away. My mother was a vicious woman, her punishement for smoking was to hold my sister’s hands into the open gas flame on the stove top. She would be imprisoned today for the things she did. In the last year of her life we learnt that she’d been sexually abused by one of her brothers. She believed women were worthless and the sooner my sister and I learnt that all we could expect was pain the better off we’d be.
    My brother went to university, my sister and I had to leave school at year 10 because our mother didn’t believe in education for women. My wonderful husband encouraged me to go back in my 30’s, so I eventually experienced the stimulating world of higher education.
    Not long before she died, because I was busy and couldn’t do something she wanted me to, she told me she hoped I’d be a widow one day then I’d know how she felt. And here I am, mother to a dead child, wife of a dead husband. I refuse to use the word widow in reference to myself, won’t tick it on forms. When people complain I tell them I’m married to a man who happens to be dead. But of course every time that word comes up I’m back there on that day hearing my mother spit those words at me.
    I will never understand how she could have done the things she did. I’m so very sad for what she went through but it doesn’t justify what she did. I spent my life trying to make her love me, so did my sister. My mother’s been dead for 20 years. I feel no love for her. I miss my Dad but not my mother. My sister is irreparably damaged. I had a wonderful, loving husband and lots of therapy, my sister didn’t.
    It seems wrong to write this on the same page you write about your precious girls. My hand hovers over the delete key but your poem asks a question, and so I feel you want a truthful answer.
    Please feel free to delete this, Pooky, if it feels inappropriate for you. I won’t be in any way miffed or offended.
    One final thing, Pooky, it’s obvious how much you love your girls and love is the most precious gift you can give a child. xx


    • PookyH says:

      Don’t delete it. Never delete it. Nothing is an inappropriate thought to share, especially when it’s honest and from the heart. I can’t answer fully from my iPhone with my piddly data limit whilst abroad but I’ll be back. In the meantime please know I’m thinking of you and proud to be your friend – and astounded by all you’ve achieved in the face of such difficult odds. Xxxxxx


    • PookyH says:

      I have come back to this with more time – but I still don’t have the words to reply. Other than thank you for your honesty and thank heavens that you found your husband and he helped you to find your true self and your self worth. I can’t imagine what a broken woman your mother must have been to have done the things she did. No doubt she had gone through a huge amount herself – howevver, the mother in me just cannot understand how another mother could do anything other than her very best to protect her babies. I wish it had been so for you and I admire the life you’ve made for yourself xxx


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