The thing we can’t have
Holds such great allure
We can’t have it
But want it
Intentions impure.
We pretend we don’t want it
Turn shyly away
Gaze strictly averted
Thoughts shaded in grey.
The more we deny it
The more we desire,
Its value grows greater
Import spirals higher.
It’s just out of sight
Always lurking nearby
Possessing our thoughts
Tempting us into lies.
As we learn to live lives
With temptation denied
We start to feel stronger
At length, we decide
That temptations on pedestals
But kept at arm’s length
Make us feel virtuous
Give us inner strength.
So we learn to live right
Side by side with desire
Denying our wants
Living life as a liar.

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14 Responses to Temptation

  1. Madhura says:

    So true… It’s short lived inner strength from denying our wants… well written! šŸ™‚


  2. Hello Pooky, I read the last line and thought you are making a statement about the truth we pursue in life that we can be any number of things but which of them is the truth. Very good indeed, I believe some poems are the basis for an excellent discussion over coffee and this is one such poem.


  3. wbdeejay says:

    Live life as a liar or give in to desire? Is one worse than the other? Very thought provoking, great poem.


  4. Good poem Pooky!

    I read a book which saved my sanity after my diagnosis. The author has a chronic illness herself and the book is Buddhist inspired. She talks about what she calls “the want monster” . Its very inspiring stuff and all the different practices she suggests are a constant support for me. But the want monster is a big one! That feling I get when I just have to have something “because IT will make me fell better, then the follow up feeling I have when it didnt quite give me what I thought it said on the tin, so I look for the next thing… šŸ˜Š this is how I intrepreted your poem; it may be different for others. Xx


    • PookyH says:

      That’s a really interesting way to look at it – anorexia was like that for me; forever moving goal posts. Always thinking that thinner would mean happier but feeling fatter and more miserable each time I hit a lower weight – but still believing blindly that the next goal would be the one that led to happiness…. It’s amazing how blind our obsessions can make us at times.


  5. Sometimes the things we desire are not what they seem. Therefore desire can be the liar.


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