Learning not to try

We are born full of confidence,
Willing to try,
Not frightened by failure,
We aim for the sky.
If we fail something first time,
We try, try again
We’ll try nine times,
Or ten times,
And only stop when
Someone says:
You can’t do that,
Let me lend you a hand,
And our ideas about
What we can do grow less grand.
The stark realisation that
Sometimes we fail,
Puts the breaks on our confidence,
Waves it off, sets it sail.
Never again do we
Assume that we can
Win at all we endeavour,
Instead, our new plan
Is to try things we
We know we can
Manage with ease
As we’ve caught
The unfortunate ‘I can’t’ disease.

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14 Responses to Learning not to try

  1. Well done Pooky, I like the ‘I can’t ‘ disease. We catch that from time to time.


  2. helen cruse says:

    I’m going to find a cure for my “I can’t”.


  3. I’m with, Peter. This has a lovely Dr Seuss feel to it.


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