Teething Pains

How can you shout and jump for joy
When a canine falls out of the mouth of your boy?
When first teeth are lost it’s a moment you share,
But as you were sharing, did you stop to care
About those of us who’re a few years behind,
With first steps and teething pain heavy on our mind?
Night after night, we go without sleep
And administer medicine as our babies weep
With pain and discomfort as teeth poke through gums,
Yet you’re celebrating tooth loss. You hard-hearted Mums.
Have you stopped for a moment to think of the pain
You cause when we realise that teething’s in vain?


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22 Responses to Teething Pains

  1. Short Poems says:

    Beautifully written


  2. MrsT says:

    Fabulous … Beautifully written and made me smile πŸ˜‰


    • PookyH says:

      Thanks Mrs T – how are you doing today? Sorry for the slow reply I was out gallivanting (read ‘having a quiet dinner and a whole two drinks) with a close friend last night and head down on the PhD today….


  3. lulupoetrycorner says:

    So cute…:)


  4. Another smile before I go to bed! Thank you! 😊 Xx


  5. Cubby says:

    Lol love the perspective from the child’s point of view. Great poem! πŸ™‚


    • PookyH says:

      TBH I was writing from the Mum’s PoV but you’re right, it works well from the child’s point of view. I think that’s one of the really interesting things about writing. Sometimes your words are interpreted in a different way than you originally had in mind, and sometimes that way works better.

      When I was at school studying Donne or Shakespeare I’d often wonder if they didn’t just sit down and dash out a poem rather than carefully crafting it so it could be dissected and read into to the nth degree…


  6. wbdeejay says:

    Your poetic touch
    to another new
    point of view
    Thankyou so much


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