Lyra, Ellie and the Crocodile

Lyra and Ellie went to the park,

In search of some fun and some games,

Like a turn on the swings,

Or a trip down the slide,

Or a go on the big climbing frames.


But when they arrived,

There was nobody there,

The park was completely deserted.

Empty of children and parents as well,

But the girls didn’t feel disconcerted.


Not for a moment,

Did they stop to think,

Why was there no one to play?


They skipped merrily in,

And were making a din,

Until something green made them blink.


“Look over there” said Lyra to Ellie

Hardly believing her eyes.

For down in the shadows,

Right by the swings,

Was a crocodile, giant in size.


He was cucumber green,

With mean yellow eyes,

And a tail as long as the slide.

As the girls looked at him,

And he looked at the girls,

They got funny feelings inside.


They quivered with fear,

With the croc quite so near,

Worried he’d eat them for lunch.

They looked at each other,

One slowly backed off,

The other went in for a punch.


Just as her fist bopped the crocodile’s nose,

Ellie was in for a shock.

The croc looked at her

And his growly voice said:

“Or we could be friends I suppose?”


Unsure what to say

As it’s not every day,

That a crocodile wants to be friends,

Ellie and Lyra conferred for a while,

Then said “Yes – we would love to be friends!”


“Oh thank you, oh thank you!”

He said, overjoyed

As he’d not had a friend in a while.

“The others ran screaming before they found out

I’m an amicable crocodile.”


He’d been ever so lonely

For ever so long,

But at last he had found some true friends

In Lyra and Ellie who loved him a lot

And that’s about where this tale ends.


It’s suffice to say,

That the croc learnt to play

Lots of games with his friends in the park.

But to stop all the screams,

And the angst and the fuss,

These games were just played after dark.


If you go to Stoke Park

In the dead of the night

And wait for a moment, you’ll see

Lyra and Ellie and their friendly croc

Swinging and sliding with glee.

Ellie, Lyra and their crocodile friend

Ellie, Lyra and their crocodile friend

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16 Responses to Lyra, Ellie and the Crocodile

  1. dflorack says:

    Very cute!


  2. Venkat says:

    I really liked it! It has a very smooth flow of thought and feeling!


  3. A great poem and does bring out that intrinsic need in each one of us to be befriended and acknowledged, irrespective of how we show up and get perceived.

    How could we apply this in our own lives?



  4. Oh, Pooky, this is fabulous! I wasn’t expecting the photo at the end and for you to write this using the photo as inspiration is amazing. Seriously, add illustrations to each verse and you have a wonderful children’s book! You could do it; you could look for publishers and submit this…okay, just a little nudging…anyway, I really enjoyed this! Have a wonderful Sunday! 🙂


    • PookyH says:

      Ha ha! Thanks for the nudge 🙂 We’d been at Stoke Park for the afternoon and the girls spent a lot of time playing with the crocodile and telling me about their adventures after pretending to be scared of him so they pretty much wrote this one for me. Three is turning out to be a very fun age with them! I hope you also had a good Sunday x


  5. Another wonderful poem. When I read the words I feel I’m there, watching the children play. Watching children play, is one of my favourite things, surpassed only by playing with them. 🙂

    This poem has brought a lovely memory to the surface – laying in the sandpit at a family party allowing the children to bury me while I pretended to be a monster who became friendly because little children made her part of their game. My husbands family used to refer to me as the oldest child. 🙂


    • PookyH says:

      I think I will forever more think of you as the oldest child! I’m glad it made you smile. The girls enjoyed it too. It sounds utterly daft but the couple of times I’ve written poems for them, I’ve felt nervous reading them to them in case they don’t like it!


  6. A lovely flowing Dactyl/Anapest meter with good end rhymes and beautiful diction. The story is enchanting and reveals a natural talent. Nice work indeed.


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