Far Flung Friends

True friendship knows not bounds of time,
Nor distance, it is true.
The few real friends you have in life
Are always dear to you.

A true friend’s one who’s always there,
Through all life’s ups and downs.
A true friend makes a moment spare
To share your smiles and frowns.

With real friends it matters not
When last you spoke or cuddled.
Without these friends, life soon becomes
Quite horribly muddled.

Some live next door, some live afar
Some live in Kathmandu.
But when you find a real friend,
They feel close to you.

The best friends live within your heart,
Despite homes far away.
And when you meet again, you’ve not
Been parted for a day.

Far flung friends - a poem by Pooky

[For June. One of life’s true friends]


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5 Responses to Far Flung Friends

  1. Great post! I can completely relate


  2. bloodnshadow says:

    Beautiful poem! Thanks for the link! πŸ™‚


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