A Ripe Old Age

When you die at 99,
Then people tend to say:
“A ripe age!”
“Good innings!”
“A life well lived!”
But we wanted another day.

Another day to talk to you,
And laugh at times gone by,
Another day to hold your hand,
It was too soon to say goodbye.

Even in those quiet days,
When your eyes were often closed,
You never ceased from listening,
As you gently dozed…

And as we talked, we learnt a lot
About things that really matter,
As we reviewed a life well spent,
And turned it into chatter.

We hope you found it comforting,
We loved to talk and share,
And as long as we keep talking,
We know you’ll still be there.

A Ripe Old Age - a poem about saying goodbye by Pooky

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9 Responses to A Ripe Old Age

  1. This is a most beautiful poem which reminded me so much of my dad’s final weeks at age 92. He was so ready to die but yet neither of us wanted to say that final goodbye. There was so much still to say and as you say we wanted one more day to hold hands and chat. He listened while he dosed, he used to squeeze my hand when something I said resonated. And a few hours before he died he still managed to wink at us and smile. 🙂


    • PookyH says:

      It’s amazing how you can have all those years but you feel like you want more years, or at least weeks or even hours… But I’m glad (as I’m sure you are) that we were there at the end and that we surrounded him with love and stories of his best years.


  2. This is very beautiful and also reminds me of when my Mom died over a year ago. She was 90. My Dad is just about to turn 94 and still drives! But, mortality is in my mind, not knowing how much longer he’ll be around. Anyway, lovely poem that resonates with my heart. Lauren

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    • PookyH says:

      It sounds like your Dad is doing very well – Geoff – who this poem is about, was a remarkable man, since his death all sorts of people have been in touch… he was a keen geologist and wrote papers all his life, we hadn’t realised until quite how late though until one of the correspondents told us he was a named author on a paper this year.. So he had his first paper published aged nine and his last one aged ninety nine.

      I hope your father continues to enjoy good health for many years xxx

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  4. Cubby says:

    Such a beautiful and loving poem. Especially love those last 2 lines. So true. Love this. 🙂


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  6. Such a lovely poem. It made me cry 🙂


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